4 Ways Women Can Improve Their Learning

Men and women look different from each other, they often act different from the other, so it makes sense that they would learn differently, too. This doesn’t mean you can bring back the phrase “girls rule, boy drool” but it does mean that women can improve their learning by implementing these factors.

Adult College women students

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  • The More, the Merrier
    Women tend to learn better when they learn with other women. This is why there are women colleges. It helps for women to relate to other women, not only share their new learning experiences with, but to also relate to on a social level.
  • The Brain
    Typically a women’s brain is stimulated when she is presented with information at an emotional level.
  • Competition
    Society tends to stereotype men and women. Many people believe men excel more than women in math and sciences, and that women are better in the liberal arts. Because of this stereotype, women tend to feel that they simply cannot excel in math or science, and sometimes refrain from trying due to this stereotype.
  • Hearing
    On average, women can hear better than men. Hearing is a big factor when it comes to education. Lectures can be very difficult if an individual is hard of hearing.

No matter which gender category you fall into, it is important to remember that these factors do not apply to everyone. Each individual learns differently and it is important to understand how you learn and try to fit yourself into a learning environment that suits you. Some individuals tend to learn better in an environment with a large amount of people, others like small quaint colleges, while some would prefer working from home. There are so many factors in regards to education that you need to evaluate before making any big decisions. So while men and women may learn differently, don’t focus as much on that but instead focus on how you learn! And remember; do not feel self-conscious if you struggle in certain areas, no one’s perfect!

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