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5 Tips for an Effective Graphic Design Portfolio

Any graphic design degree graduate knows how important a portfolio is when landing a job. Not only should graphic design degree holders have a portfolio, but it should be aesthetically appealing. Find out what your portfolio should have.

Graphic Design degree portfolio

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1. Selection

Surely, you completed a number of projects as you worked through graphic design school. As your skills and experience grew you realized that some of the projects you completed were better than others. When crafting your portfolio, it’s important to only include your best work and not everything you’ve ever done. The years of experience you have will inform employers of how long you’ve been in the industry, so you won’t need to include everything you’ve done, but just your best work.

2. Arrangement

When you read a book, it’s the first page that determines whether you’ll turn to page 2 or not. You think to yourself “do I want to keep reading this?” Think of your portfolio in a similar way. The first page should impress the viewer so much so that they continue to flip through your portfolio. Arrange the rest of your pages in a similar order. The last page of your portfolio should stand out just like the first page. You will want to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

3. Options

Clients that you work with will sometimes prefer to view your portfolio online. Others will want a hard copy to review. Having both an online and hard copy of your portfolio will be ideal so that you can cater to all of your clients’ needs in order to land the job.

4. Test 1-2-3

After earning your graphic design degree, it’s important to test out your portfolio with people you know including professors from your graphic design school and professionals in the field. Ask them to give you constructive criticism. And most importantly, use their suggestions to improve your portfolio.

5. Design

Make sure that the design of your portfolio stands out among other portfolios you’ve come across. You’ll want to make sure that the design you choose reflects your work. Although it is important to be unique, you will not want the design to outshine the work within the portfolio. This may take several attempts to achieve the perfect portfolio.

Once you’ve created the perfect portfolio that highlights your work in just the right way, it’s time to put it to use. Use your portfolio to show your work to employers and clients that may be interested in you. Soon, all the hard work it took you to earn your graphic design degree and create your portfolio will pay off!

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