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College Degrees: Why Online Works

Twenty years ago, if you were told you could earn a Bachelor’s Degree through the computer, you may have laughed that off. In all actuality, getting your online college degree is a reality today – with thousands of people graduating from these programs every year. Online college degrees afford people with a full-time job, busy stay-at-home moms, or soldiers serving our country the ability to obtain college degrees while being “a supreme multi-tasker.”


CollegeDegreesToday.com is a powerful college search engine that can help you narrow down your college degree options. With so many degrees becoming available on a daily basis, it can be difficult to find what works best for your personal goals. Do you want to focus on becoming an engineer? Or perhaps graduating and finding an accountant position? Along with getting certificates for certain programs, colleges all across the country are opening their Associate’s Degree and Bachelor Degree programs to the online environment.


More and more employers are recognizing the online college degree learning platform as a program that supports the learning requirements for the jobs they need filled. Putting things lightly, this is the most competitive job market in decades due to the slow recovery from the recession. If you don’t have the proper skills that employers are looking for, you may be out of work much longer than you would if you had a relevant degree.


America’s economy becomes more knowledgeable- and information-based with each passing year. For U.S. workers, acquiring professional skills and advanced college degrees is the key to finding and getting the job you want; as well as, during difficult economic times, keeping the job you already have. A college degree is very likely to put you at the forefront of the competition.


Aside from actual workplace performance, education is one of the starkest ways for employees to distinguish themselves from their colleagues. To an employer, a job applicant who lists ‘fluent in Spanish’ on their resume and holds an Associate’s degree in Spanish will be viewed as a more qualified candidate for hire than an individual who simply lists ‘fluent in Spanish’ as a skill on their resume with nothing to back it up.


Individuals with advanced degrees also enjoy advantages once they’ve already begun work with an employer. Suppose two employees are performing equally in the same position, which one is more likely to be selected for a promotion to upper management: an employee with an advanced degree in business administration, or one without?


Additionally, educational advancement can serve as a strong bulwark against unemployment during tough economic times. In the recession-rocked year of 2008, for instance, Americans holding an Associate’s degree or higher were 60% less likely to be afflicted by unemployment than workers holding only a high school degree or below. For reasons you’ll see throughout the rest of the way, employees who have college degrees have an easier time of making themselves indispensable to their employers, earn higher salaries (allowing them to save more for weathering bouts of unemployment) and have stronger, more robust personal and professional networks, providing greater exposure to future job and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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