Myths About Online Education

Are you considering earning an online degree? Are you hesitant because you heard some unfavorable opinions from co-workers and friends? Don’t let other people influence what could be the best decision of your life. Instead, read the facts and choose for yourself.


Myth: Distance education is more expensive.

Fact:  That all depends on which school you choose- tuition rates are different depending on the school. However, you WILL save money on transportation because you only need to travel to your computer. Plus, room and board at school can cost you thousands of dollars! So next time someone says that distance learning is too pricy, ask them how much they spend in gas per month to commute to either school or work.  That’ll change their mind.


Myth: Online courses are easier

Fact:  If you’re looking for an easy way out of earning a degree, distance learning is not for you. Online courses are definitely not easier than traditional courses just because they’re online. Distance learners need to have excellent time management and organizational skills to complete assignments on-time.


Myth: Distance learning is too independent, what if I need help?

Fact:  Just like traditional schooling, distance learners can contact their teachers and interact with students. The method for asking questions may be different than simply raising your hand and being called on. But, you can contact teachers through e-mail, Skype or even through phone calls, depending on the teacher’s preference. Many courses encourage students to interact through forums where they can ask questions about the material and discuss their opinions.


Myth: Online degrees are fake.

Fact:  Many people tend to believe that employers don’t view online degrees as credible. But, believe it or not, employers are real people. They understand that online education is not only convenient for some people, but they also understand that it is just as challenging as traditional schooling. They know that distant learning requires a lot of hard work and dedication, just like any type of learning does.


Myth: Distance learners are computer geniuses.

Fact:  This isn’t true! You need to have basic computer skills that you probably already have or could learn very easily. You should know how to check your e-mail, use a word processor, and access the internet before starting your distance learning program. Try playing around with your computer before your course begins if you’re really concerned – it just takes some getting used to.


Myth: There is no attendance policy for distance learning! Hooray!

Fact:  Before you start cheering, there’s something you should know. Many teachers keep a record of when students log-on to their online program, when they interact with other students, how long they stayed on the site, etc. So it is important to remember that attendance IS a factor in distance learning. But don’t worry, you can still wear your pajamas to class, teachers won’t know that!

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  • Shumara Jackson

    This helped me tremendously! I was wondering what the reputation of the online degree was. Now I know.